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Last week my boyfriend gave me this, for no particurly reason. I am so lucky, having the best boyfriend in the entire world! 


NEW ......

When I was downtown with Christine, Frederikke and Maja we walked by "Copenhagen Body Extremes". Then it came to my mind that I had wanted an ear piercing in the top of the ear for many many years, and I went in to the shop. The guy from the shop told me to come back an hour later, so I did. Ten minutes later I had my new piercing. It hurted SO bad, it was much worse than my bellybutton piercing and all the piercings that Maja has made on me. Ouch! 

Hahaha I know that the pictures a yucky, but I had slept for less than three hours that night. I'm gonna show you a picture of how it looks now soon! 

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Ok, so finally I pulled myself together to load all of my pictures. Hang on, I have a lot to show and tell ya! Sorry for the bad quality, the photos are taken with my iPhone. 

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Pic1: I had a fun hangover day with Robert, Bastian and Frederik. Pic2: we had an international test at school. Here's Asta being silly in the break. Pic3: Maja is cleaning the stairs in her appartment building. Pic4: Jais is sleeping in a math class or something. Pic5: I braided some look-a-like cornrows in Asta's hair. Next week I'm gonna make them again just smaller! Pic6: Asta and Malthe Emil having lunch at school. When Asta had the braids/cornrows in her hair it kinda looked like she had a sidecut. Pic7+8+9: I went to a really funny party at Friday, and at 4 am Frederik, Bastian, Robert and Anders came to pick me up. Pic10: I was downtown with Maja, Frederikke, Christine and Josefine. I had the worst hangover, so I decided to do something speciel. I'll show you in the next post. Here's Frederikke showing off her new Gardenia wedges. Luv them. Pic11: Maja<3 Pic12: Christine<3 Pic13+14: Saturday night I had a small party at my house. At 2am everyone had already left besides me, Maja, Sara, Thomas, Niels and Eskil. So Sara decided to make some pancakes haha. Pic15: Me and my brother celebrating nice "Happy Weekend McDonalds-Sunday".



Sorry, sorry, sorry! I feel very bad for not posting. It's been a week since I got home from Italy and in a week I'm going to Italy again haha. So I had a great vacation with Laura, but unfortunetly she fell and hit her head and foot real bad, so she wasn't able to snowboard anymore. I was really happy when I got home, because I'd missed Copenhagen and all my friends sooo much.

School has been horrible, I'm not good at showing up, haha. This weekend I partied with Asta and a lot of my friends on Friday and Saturday too. It was a lot of fun. Saturday I went to Malmø, Sweden with my parents to have brunch with my parents.

I'm gonna do a post for tomorrow, now I'll go to bed. Sleep tight lovely ones.



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Just a quick post before I'm off to Italy which actually is within an hour! Can't wait. 
Yesterday I met up with Anna Sofie and I saw these beautiful wedges from Zara. I wanted to buy them, but because of the price which is about 230 dollars, I couldn't really afford it. 

Soo I've had a week of holiday, and it's been so amazing. I've been partying every single night, besides from Wednesday where I stayed at home with my brother and Simon. Monday I partied to much and I fainted. My body is still sore from my fall and I have scars and big blue marks on my eyebrow, back of my head, my elbow and all over my legs. Ouch. Luckily I don't remember anything, but I've been told about all of my fails that night haha. Shit happens. 

Well, that's it for now, I gotta finish up packing and I don't think there will be internet in Italy, but if not, you'll hear from me when I get back next Sunday. 




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Totally forgot to tell ya! Yesterday my parents came home with new skii boots for me, because February 19th, I'm going to Canazei, Italy with my family and Laura and her dad and her younger brother. You have no idea how excited I am! I've been skiing since I was 5 years old, and I absolutely love it. 

What about you? Are you going somewhere this winter? 



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I had to have this bodystocking.. I bought it and now I have both the bra in black/purple and the pink/nude bodystocking. Love both!


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Last week I bought these beauties from Vagabond. Now I'm only waiting for summer to come, and I'm really looking forward to wear them!


please don't be that mad. I'm very very very sick right now. Last week my doctor did some blood samples on me, cause I've been really tired and  feeling sick these last weeks. My doctor told me that I might have mononucleosis, so that's the reason. I'll try to blog as much as possible, but I cant promise anything, since I'm sleeping most of the time.



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I'm sorry for not blogging at all this week. I've been so busy. I don't wanna tell you a long story about what I've been doing,  but I've been hanging with many friends and we've been eating way too much McDonalds :p 

I've been working a lot and working out at the gym a lot too. 

These weeks I'm visiting different high schools to find out which one I will go to after the summer holiday. 

Tomorrow after school I'm going to Sønderborg with my choir. It's still Denmark, but far away -.- I don't wanna go! But its gonna be fun, I think.

Right now I'm trying to write an english essay that was due three weeks ago. Bad of me, but I really can't pull myself together to do it .. Gotta get back to work now. 

I'll try to post this weekend, but I can't promise anything.




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Yesterday Asta shot these pics of me. 

I want to say something to you readers. When you are saying positive and sweet things you're like making my day ;) I love to hear it, and I love you. You really make me wanna blog and stuff. Keep on coming readers! :D 


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Hi all lovely readers! First of all.. I know how bad of me this is. I didn't post a thing for almost 10 days. I don't really know why, but I have been really busy with this school thing. A big project about the climate. And not only, I've been sick. Really sick. Couldn't really do anything. AND another thing is that these past days haven't been about fashion. Copenhagen is freezing and when I go outside I almost die, its sooo cold. I hate it, please give me summerdays now!
I had two great weekends of course with parties. And yesterday Asta came over quick and we went to sing a concert. 

Again sorry! I'll post more regurlarly from now on. 




I'm sorry for the silence, but I've been sick and not in the mood for blogging. So the day before I got sick I was together with Jais and Thomas. We just went home to Jais' place, when he suddenly wanted to take some pictures of us with his new flash lights. We had so much fun and took many many many pictures. I've picked out a few. 

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Pic from Fierceogfattig
This one's soooo pretty! I really want it! 
Today I went to visit a high school that I'm probably going to next year. It was cool! I went there with Laura, Clara, Marie, Katrine and Donia. 

And Maja came home from London. Yay, I've missed her <3

I'm sooo tired from the party's of the weekend.. Exhausted! 



How tall are you? I'm 170 cm. When I was younger I was so sad because of my height, but now I think it's okay. Are you and Ida from the-fillipa.com friends? Nope.  When Ida did one of these she said she hates it when people leave their blog links at the bottom of a comment and she tries to ignore it..do you visit the links? I think it's an annoying way to get readers, but sometimes I am visiting the links. Where do live? I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. What is your favorite clothing store? I have no idea, but I can tell you where I buy lots of my clothes. In Weekday, SamsoeSamsoe, and other budget stores. How would you describe your style? Idk, how would you? I like trashed stuff, like ripped jeans and shirts and vests and so. Do you were make up every day? I would say I do, but it's not every day. I'm not like: "Oh I can't go outside without makeup!" Do you have brothers and sisters? I have a twinbrother called Frederik. are you single? Atm yes, but not much longer I think ;) Who are your best friends? I don't have one, but many. The bests are Maja, Laura, Sara, Thomas, Jais and Kasper. Do you think yourself as a good friend? I haven't really thought about it, but well... Yeah I think I am. I love spending time with my friends. Have you had a real relationsship? Yep, and it lasted for one year. But it was way too serious, we were together every single day, and slept together at least 3 nights a week. Your three favorit labels? Ehm... Idk! Its so hard, hahah. I can always find nice stuff in Cos, H&M and Weekday. Do you offen have fights with your friends and family, if yes about what?? No I almost never fight with my parents, because they let me do everything I want. I have the nicest parents. If we fight it's because of me being a mad teenager, hahah. If I fight with my girlies it's often about boys. Sadly. What do you like to see on TV? I never watch TV, idk why. If I ever watch any I watch MTV - I love Mtv programs like The Hills, The City, My Super Sweet 16 and so on. I love to watch dvd's though. Do you like the Twilight-saga? I haven't read it or even watched the movies, so idk. But I would like to see the movies soon. Do you get money from your parents to buy clothes? Nope, I earn them myself. But they pay half of my cellphone bill a month.  What kind of music do you listen to? I love a lot of danish stuff called Balstyrko, Malk De Koijn, Trentemøller and Bikstok Røgsystem. I listen mostly to rap music. Dilated People, T.I, Kanye West, Royksopp and so on. Actually I like almost all kind of music, but rap, R'n'B and electronica are my favorites.. For fun I love to listen to Bollywood music with Sara and Maja :D And Lady Gaga, haha. Do you have a boyfriend? No not atm, but I have way to many guys atm hahah. And some very cute ones too! How tall are you and how much is your weight? As said before, I'm 170 cm, and my weight is 57-58 kilos. Style icon? That'll Mary Kate Olsen and sometimes Ashley Olsen. Favorite item? From my closet? Uuh that's a hard one. All of my shoes :D Favorite song at the moment? The song of the week must be "It's amazing" by Kanye West, but I don't really have a favourite song. Which part of Copenhagen do you live in? Østerbro, very near everything. What inspired you to start a blog? I don't remember. Asta and I had a blog 8 months ago, but I didn't post anything on it, so we closed it. I just think we wanted to start up a new one, making Miamipeach, and yeah. What is your favorite thing about fashion? I have no idea, I just like shoes and clothes, haha. Are you and Asta still friends? Yeah we are, why wouldn't we be? ;) If you know..what do you want to do as a job? I have no idea! But I know that I'm not good at maths and physics. What are your favourite things in your wardrobe? My shoes! And my mom's Mulberry Bayswater and..... a pair of old Cheap Monday jeans. Why did Asta stop blogging? She told me that she just didn't prior it enough to make enough posts and stuff. I think. Do you have a job? Yep two jobs, I work a lot! The one is at my school after we've finished our day. It's in the library of the school where I'm taking care of the 3rd graders, and my other job is just one block away from me. I babysit four kids, and I'm very close to them and the family. The children's names are Julie, Johanne, Jakob and Jonas. What is the most expensive piece of clothing (or bags, shoes) in your closet? It might be the Bayswater Mulberry bag, but I didn't pay it.. Ehm.. Probably my shoes. What is your favourite colour? In clothes I always wear black, white and grey. What are your hobbys? I'm in (and Asta too) "Copenhagen Girls Choir" so I sing a lot, and I used to dance a lot, but now I don't really have time to dance, so I work out at the gym every day or every second day. Then I'm hanging a lot with friends, and in the weekends I'm partying nonstop. Haha If you can call party a hobby.  What do you want to do when you are older (in the future, what kinda job??) Journalist or pr-something. If you had to pick you very best friend who would it be? and why?? Sorry, I can't answer that question 'cause I literally have no idea.. I can't pick one, 'cause they are all different and I love them in different ways. 



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Draped skirt from Vero Moda, I like!!
Hahahah I love YouTube and I love to watch fail clips.
Today I had a big test in English, and it went okay, I hope. After the test I went home with Laura, Maja, Clara and Mille. We had fun doing weird stuff and after that we went to Holte to go ice skating on my grandfathers lake with my brother and his friends. It was soooo fun. Then I went to Laura's place and we cooked some food. Then I went to a waacking class at my gym. I love waacking :D

Now I just got home, took a nice hot shower, and now I'm texting with cute guys and trying to reload to the danish test tomorrow. Jeeezzz.. I hate school.

Btw, I'm answering your questions for the Q&A tomorrow, so if you have any questions feel free to ask me right away ;)



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Ooops. Totally forgot to show you what I got from my family for Christmas. 
Oooh isn't it pretty? Can't wait till it will be hanging on my wall. 

Remember the Q&A! :D 


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Look what Thomas brought home to me from Brazil. I love it, and Thomas so sweet <3 <3 <3 Love to Thomas. 

Remember the Q&A! :D 


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Today I went to Holte with Laura, Unnur, Rasmine and Abelone. Copenhagen is like -4 C, so the ponds and lakes are frozen. So we went to visit Laura's grandma (who I've known for my whole life since that's where Laura & I know eachother from). After our iceskating on the lake, which was totally fun (I'll show you pictures as soon Laura puts them on Facebook), we went inside to have hot chocolate. A very fun day. 

Remember the Q&A! :D 


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So guys, I was wondering, would you like me to have a Q&A? I think I'll do one, so ask me whatever and I'll answer them in a couple days ;)