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Just a quick post before I'm off to Italy which actually is within an hour! Can't wait. 
Yesterday I met up with Anna Sofie and I saw these beautiful wedges from Zara. I wanted to buy them, but because of the price which is about 230 dollars, I couldn't really afford it. 

Soo I've had a week of holiday, and it's been so amazing. I've been partying every single night, besides from Wednesday where I stayed at home with my brother and Simon. Monday I partied to much and I fainted. My body is still sore from my fall and I have scars and big blue marks on my eyebrow, back of my head, my elbow and all over my legs. Ouch. Luckily I don't remember anything, but I've been told about all of my fails that night haha. Shit happens. 

Well, that's it for now, I gotta finish up packing and I don't think there will be internet in Italy, but if not, you'll hear from me when I get back next Sunday. 



  1. great shoes! have fun in Italy :)

  2. Lad være med at drik dig så stiv at du besvimer. Hold det på det samme niveau som os andre, klamme tømmermænd dagen efter, og kun flashbacks fra aftenen før, men ingen skader ;)

  3. where are you, you're just leaving your blog like this, you promised to do more posts! come back !

  4. yeah why do you have a blog if you don't have time to blog. It's pretty stupid! i love your blog, but you never post anything!!!!!

  5. love the shoes, WE WANT MORE POSTS! :)


  6. hmm, interesting partying adventures...I'm guessing you were drunk? have fun with the scars.