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I'm sorry for not blogging at all this week. I've been so busy. I don't wanna tell you a long story about what I've been doing,  but I've been hanging with many friends and we've been eating way too much McDonalds :p 

I've been working a lot and working out at the gym a lot too. 

These weeks I'm visiting different high schools to find out which one I will go to after the summer holiday. 

Tomorrow after school I'm going to S√łnderborg with my choir. It's still Denmark, but far away -.- I don't wanna go! But its gonna be fun, I think.

Right now I'm trying to write an english essay that was due three weeks ago. Bad of me, but I really can't pull myself together to do it .. Gotta get back to work now. 

I'll try to post this weekend, but I can't promise anything.


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