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I did nothing today else than walking my dog and mentally preparing myself for school start. Ugh!! I don't want to :(

And unfortunetly Asta is out of the blog, don't worry, we are not having a fight, it's something we agreed on, so it's good :) Hope you girls won't miss her too much ;) I'll sure continue with this blog as good as I can ;)



  1. cant wait to see if your good on solo :D

  2. What a shame!
    Well I'll still continue reading your blog so..=]
    good luck! or something..

  3. I'm sure you can do it alone. Your have a mulberry right? My biggist dream. Do you pay it by you self or..?

    good luck with you go solo, I'm looking forward to it(:

    xoxo Kim

  4. she have not postet anything in a long time anyway, and I think your style is better!! (:

  5. is it just me, or did she say that a couple of months ago and then nothing happened?? well, yearh, i also think you have been better at posting, so guess she just wasn't into it - it takes a lot of creativity and fashion consience to be a fashion blogger!

    I really like your blog, i really do, but sometimes i can really tell where you get your inspiration (like other blogs) - that's not so cool, and a bit copy-cat-like - but other than that, perfect blog!

  6. Thanks for all the comments with good critics. It's good to hear your oppinion, so I can get better ;)


    And yeah, I have a Mulberry, but it's actually my mom's, but she doesn't really use it that much :)