I'm sorry for not telling you about my NYE before, but I've litterally been sleeping ever since, haha.

Laura and her mom came and we had a great meal with my parents, Frederik and them. Then Laura and I went to my room to make ourselves ready and then Maja and Sara came.
11:30 pm Maja, Sara and I took a train to Danshøj station as we were told cause the party were out there. Then I tried to call the boy who was taking us to the party, but he didn't answer.
So instead we found an old chair on the street, and we all stood up on it. When the time turned 12:00 we jumped down, Maja and I started to cry, we kissed each other, ran around screaming like crazy and opened Sara's champagne. It was so funny. And there was no one besides us. Finally we meet a guy who had some matches we could have, and we had fun with all of my fireworks.
Then we took a train back to the city, and when we were in the train I couldn't feel my feet or hands, and finally the guy who was taking us to the party called me. I was so mad at him, so I hung up!
We went to another party where a couple of guys came to pick us up. Very nice of them.
The Party was so fun! There were like 100 people and we danced and I talked to many cute guys + something more .... :p
At 6:00 am we went home, and the buses were driving okay, but Sara and I were home in my bed at 7:am.
The day after I slept to 4:00 and Laura came to wake me up. We walked down to "The Taco Shop" and ordered a lot of food both fajitas and nachos and stuff. Then I went to Kristines birthday and since we were all tired we just played Buzz and watched movies.
This night I couldn't sleep, so my brother and I made some pasta with pesto and salmon and we watched "the Butterfly Effect", and went to sleep at 6:00. Now my parents just woke me up and today I'm going to the gym, clean my room, and for the first time study for a hard math test on Monday :/ NOT looking forward to start school again!



  1. bor du på frederiksberg? :)

  2. Nej, det gør jeg ikke ;) Var bare til fest der.