I'm a wannabe of Caja and Roxanne 

1. New Year's resolution

All the cliches.. Sleep in normal time, and not go to bed at 4 am.
Do more homework
Go to more parties, haha
2. The best experience of the ye

I have no idea, all the good times with my loved friends. NO WAIT! My 8 weeks in USA was amazing and weird. It was weird being so far away from my family, but I learned a lot and to walk around alone in N.Y.C was fab. It's my all time favourite city.
3. The worst experience of the year
Being hated without a reason from bitches
4. Flirts and boyfriends of the year
No boyfriends but too many flirts. M, D, T, J, L, D, M.....
5. The best party of the year
I love all the parties I've been to, I can't really pick out one.
6. When I got drunk
The most drunk I've ever been was at Asta's mom's wedding. Very embarassing. I don't really get very drunk ever.
7. The best concert of the year
I don't really spent money to go to concerts, I don't find it very interesting, but one thing I know for sure, is that I'm going to Roskilde in 2010 :D
8. The biggest change in 2009
Going to 9th grade and to be the oldest at my school is a change def. And to have to think about exams and grades and stuff.
9. The biggest dream for 2010

Less stress, less drama, less fights.
10. The bommer of the year
The guys I've made out with!
11. The best music
Idk, I literally like most music. Maybe danish Balstyrko, I love them.
12. The movie of the year
The Stieg Larsson triologi.
13. The money spent on mostly what in 2009?
Def. shoes!
14. The small detail of the year
That Laura and I got so close again, 8th grade we had a hard time finding time to see each other. We got very good at that this past half year. 

15. The most expensive purchase of the year
My Macbook! I bought it for my salery of 4 months.
16. Fail purchase

In 2008 I made a lot of purchases that I never wore, but in 2009 I got really good at asking myself "will I ever wear this and do I need this?".

17. The best tv-program
Lately I'm obsessed with "The Hills" and "The City".
20. The best outfit of the year of your own
IDK!!!! I love all of my clothes :D
21. An asshole of the year
A guy from school we call Morten Messersmith. (Morten Messersmith is a stupid danish politician.)
22. The travel of the year
All of them! France in February (skiing), Anholt (a danish amazing iceland) in June with Maja and Sara, USA in 8 weeks in the Summer, and all my trips to Sweden with my best friends.
23. The biggest regret of the year
All the fights with my brother, I wish we didn't have to fight.
24. This New Year
First Laura is coming to do my makeup and hair. Then her mom is coming and we are eating all together. Then Maja and Sara is coming and we'll go to different parties.

25. What are you looking forward too in 2010?
All the travels. First skii trip with Laura, her brother, her dad, my brother and my parents to Canazei, Italy. 
Then choire trip to Slovenia, Germany, Italy and Hungary. Then maybe I'm going to Italy with the family where I'm babysitting the kids, and then I'm probably gonna go to Stockholm, Sweden with Maja and Sara. 
In the Summer holiday I'm going to Roskilde and Anholt. and then our American friends are coming to Denmark, and we'll go somewhere with them. In autumn I'm hoping for Paris hahah. 



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