Okay, I have the day off tomorrow, because of all the work at the school this weekend, so I have many things to do tomorrow.

1. Write a paper about FN and their targets for 2015. 
2. Write an english essay about the 50s. 
3. Go buy a new hat, since I can't use my brothers any longer.
4. Change the sheets of my bed.
5. Make a DIY-shredded tee.
6. Buy shoes over the internet. (Found cheap, cool shoes I need!)
7. Go to the bank
8. Go change my cell number to the iPhone.
I think that's it. Boring? YES! I'm already looking forward to next weekend.



  1. I know the feeling of having lots of things to do.Good luck with that! :)

  2. Hej:) I har virkelig en fin blog... :) Og selvfølgelig er jeg blevet fast læser.. Vil I ikke også være fast læser på min side!?:)

    Kærligst fra Helle