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This weekend has been crazy. I was at the party at my school twentyfour-seven, and it has been stressed, funny and absolutely crazy. (I'll show pictures tomorrow). 

At Saturday evening 12 pm. 20 people or so went home to Maja's place, and we partied. Then all of them had to go home except five of us. (Maja and I and three boys). At that time it was 2am., and since we had to be at our school at 10 am. to clean up, we decided not to go to sleep, but to stay up all night. And so we did. At 8 am. we got bored of sitting inside, so we went outside. 

Then we took a train to the main station of Copenhagen, and went to McDonalds and had burgers. Then we took a bus to our school, and when we got there, we went into the restaurant we'd made, and we layed down on the scene and fell a sleep. 30 minutes later the teachers woke us up. Haha! Then I came home, and I fell a sleep and slept a few hours until Maja came, and we went to a thai restaurant with our classmates. I was waaaay too tired to be good in social relations, but the food was amazing. I love thai food! 


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