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pic 1, 2, 3: Scoop models
OMG---- could this shoot be more breathtaking? The model,  the studs, fringes, leather, seethrough etc... This is my kind of thing. First of all, I won't excuse myself for the lack of posts from my side. It happens all the time, and is inexcusable! Second of all I have had an amazing weekend/week (i don't know how long it has been since I wrote). As Caroline mentioned we have been to this party. And it was so much fun. Right now I think I will go down with a cold soon, I'm not feeling so well :S + I can't find my camera uploader, so you guys can't see my funny pictures from the party.

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  1. Miss Asta! absolutley love the latest pics you have put up! Fabulous shoulder pads perfect fringes and rockin studs! The mdoel is stunning! Keep posting and Il keep following