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Amazing danish supermodel Amanda in Atacomas backstage at Chanel. Pic from TheTrashedFashion.

I'm sorry for not blogging very much, but I've been very busy. Yesterday we had a great Christmas lunch thing for some of our family and our friends from Rome. It was very nice to see them all. After that I went to a party at one of my friend's house, Louise. I didn't know any at the party, but it was fun though. I failed as always. I went home with Maja and slept at her place. 

Today I went ice skating with the italians, it was very fun but cold. After that I met up with my very, very old best friend Sofia. We had some coffee at a cafe. It was so nice to see her, after she moved far away I don't get to see her very often. 

Tonight I was at our very good friends and the girl from the family (one of my friends) were there with one of her friends, so we had fun and a lot of great food. Smilla the dog we're taking care of at the moment is sick I think. I looked at her and suddenly her one pupil dilated like crazy and got so big while the other one was so small and constricted. Really weird. I told my parents, but they will wait till tomorrow to see if she's sick, because they said it was probably because of her tiredness. I hope she's okay! 

Love, Caroline


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