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Okay, so I had a great Saturday with my baby Laura. I'm planning a New Years Eve Party for 100 people at the moment, so I had a long meeting Saturday. Af 7:30 pm. I tried to get back to Copenhagen, but none of the busses were driving normally because of "COP15". Very annoying, haha. Then Laura and I went for a walk and had baby bites from 7Eleven, yummy! 

Then we got veeery late, and we went to Holger's place. He had a couple of friends over, and it was just chillin' not party. We stayed a couple hours, and then we were going to a bigger party. I didn't think I knew anyone at the party, but when we got there a lot of my old friends were there, it was so good to see them! 

It took us 1,5 hour to get there hahaha. It was hilarious. Then we got there and it was a great party. Except some weird actions. At 5 am. we walked the looong way home and at 6.15 we finally got to bed.

This day I spent at my grandpa's, we made Christmas cakes. 


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