Two months ago Asta and I talked about making a weekly blog interview. We did some thoughts about it, and then I found Pagik! I love her blog, she looks so cute and she's very good at making a simple outfit look cool. I asked her to pick a fave outfit, and I asked her some questions. Here they are! 

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Why and when did you start bloggin'? 
- I started to blog February this year. I got inspired by a lot of other blogs and wanted to have my own and in that way maybe inspirere other people.

Why do you like to blog?
- I am generally very fascinated by the whole blog world. It's always up-dated and you get many different point of views and styles. Bloggin for me is a place where I can write my thoughts and express myself through pictures. It is a way to "get out", you might say.

How do you find inspiration and time to blog?
- The things I blog about are just the things that are on my mind, but I mainly find inspiration on other blogs and different websites and online stores. Bloggin takes a lot of time, so it is also very different how much time I use and how much time a have. But it is about priority I guess.

Show us your farvorite outfit/why is this your farvorite outfit? 

- I don't really have one farvorite outfit, but this outfit is very typical me. I like the combination of tight and oversize and I love clothes with a funny or raw twist like my t-shirt or my leggings. I also LOVE high heels, and these boots from Acne are one of my farvorite right now.

How would you describe yourself in three words? 
- Particular, reserved and pleasure-loving.

How would you describe your style in three words?
- Simple, black and everyday with a twist.

What is your favourite blog? 
- I like Trineswardrobe.dk a lot! She has a lovely style and it is great with a good blogger that isn't living in CPH (no offend).

What is your favourite label and shop?
- My absolute favourite label must be Acne. Whatever they make are just amazing. The new Weekday store in Aarhus is already a farvorite but I also like secondhand shops like "Dengang" and "Fund" and the store Stoy Munkholm, that has a big amount of Acne (all in Aarhus).

What is your current obsession?
- Christmas! I love everything about this time of the year - especially the food and traditions. And I love taking time to buy the perfect gifts.

What are your three biggest wishes for Christmas?
- I usually don't have a lot of wishes for Christmas, because I am to impatient to wait for the things I want, and therefore just buy myself them if I have the money. But my three biggest wishes for Christmas must be a travel to Paris, a white Christmas and a happy New Year. ;)


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