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This weekend I have a very big event happening. Asta and I are in the group, that means, that it is us who are doing all the work, like figuring out what we are gonna do and stuff. Every third year we have a biiig party at our school to raise up money. This year our class is doing a 50ies diner, and we have to be dressed up. All of us. So I spent my night creating this. I think it's a little too pink, so I wanna find a little detail like something in black to go with it. 

Our diner is gonna be called "Stardust '59", and if any of you know Stardust from Broadway, New York, that is what we are gonna do. We have like 38 perfomers, I'm really looking forward too it. 


Ps. I know that the stockings are really nasty and gross, but that was what they wore back in the 50ies. Haha

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