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I want a leopard fur, so bad. I would wear it with something simple, to reduce the slutty kinda look. And I wouldn't match it with several other colors and patterns, like some bloggers do. I think it looks cheap, that's just my uppinion. I actually think that leopard fur would match better with gold, even though I'm more into silver. What do you think? What would you match the leopard fur with, and would you like silver better gold? or?

See ya


  1. wooooooooooooooooooooow FUCK THESE PEOPLE
    like seriously
    ive been lowkey lurking yr comments to read what some fuckers have been saying
    are they like 5?! i beat its all the same person being "anonym" wooo lets be dumb and imature guys.

    anywhoooo i want a leopard fur coat tooo! haha i would do gold and black with it <3

  2. Would you buy actual leopard fur? Like, from a leopard? or the fake kind?