My weekend

This weekend had been kind of stressed for me, no not really, but I've been doing a lot, and I've had a nice time! Friday I went sailing in my parents sailing boat with my best friend Maja, her parents and my parents. I would love to go to Nik and Jay concert in Tivoli, but things didn't work out that way.

Saturday my neighbour hood had this yard sale, and me and Asta, and a lot of my friends went down to sell a lot of things, and we earned some money, and Asta bought many cool things. She might post that later!
I bought a mini-bike for 110 kroner! Thats 22 dollars! Insane!

Then Asta, Maja and I went over to a nice evening at our best friend Thomas. We watched Marley and Me and I fell a sleep.

Now I was just skyping with my good friend from USA, I miss her a lot, and I'm "Macbooking" with my brother, doing homework and stuff.

Here's a picture of my new jacket from Zara!

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